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Quotes from family feedback forms – 2015/16 – How do you and your family feel you have been helped by H/S?

Home-Start have helped me out by helping me look after my son and giving me some time and time for me to get on with things that I need to get on with.  Also they were always there for me to talk to and helped me out so that I knew what I can do in the future life and getting jobs. 08.04.15

Being able to go out and about to places I wouldn’t normally be able to go to on my own with children.

Ideas on activities to do with children.

Being able to get jobs done while the children are kept occupied.

Personal support and someone to talk to. 23.04.15

Felt more supported and confident.

Able to get out more with the kids (ie. to the park).  First with my volunteer, then on my own.

Lovely to have someone I trusted just to be there to help and support me. 14.09.15

Thank you very much!!!  Dear All, I’d like to thank you ever so much for all your help. ****** is wonderful!!!  She comes to our house every week and my mummy and I, we appreciate her help.  We have lots of fun together while mummy can get on with her tasks.  It’s fantastic that you exist!  Loads od love, Edward and Mummy. 06.04.16

Emotionally supported, listened to, understood, empathized with and pointed to other helpful places.

My son really enjoyed playing with ******.  She was so great with him.

She was so kind towards me and I am so grateful.  She’d help tidy and sometimes clean which I was unable to do, so it was very appreciated.  She watched my son while I had various appointments to help me physically survive each day.  Amazing help. 12.04.16